You are not a size.

Most of the accounts I follow on Instagram are people or companies dedicated to living consciously. But I also follow 2 accounts to try to keep myself relevant as a "SometimesActorModel".  Basically it's just my way of knowing what the cool kids are wearing- so when I have a rare audition, industry people can't tell that I'm really the kind of girl who spends a lot of time in an old, fuzzy robe covered in cat hair and lint balls (made of cat hair).
I don't mind being that girl, mind you, I just don't want to be typecast into that role....

That's exactly the girl who's writing this post right now, fyi.

Anyway, PEOPLE Magazine is running a contest #shareyoursize to encourage "body positivity".
This was one of today's  captions:

I absolutely love the idea of encouraging people (especially women) to love their bodies- at any size.  It's a topic I touched upon in my last few (now ancient) posts. I just don't love the idea that this contest is focusing solely on how people look- and attaching a label- their size- to it.  What the heck do clothing sizes even mean these days and who determines them?
And why is this number important enough to write on a sign that we hold in front of ourselves for the world to see?

I'd love to see this contest amended where women of all sizes post photos of themselves with a hashtag like #MySizeDoesNotMatter and write what they're proud of about themselves instead. Or what their bodies have helped them accomplish.  The contest as it is just shows our bodies as sign holding entities, revealing an arbitrary number that often unfairly defines us in today's society.
That's certainly no way to honor the miraculous temples we live in.

I appreciate how @rosiemercado (below) took the contest one step further at least, by adding the word HEALTHY to her sign.

Isn't that what's really important?  Along with the other little things like love and happiness perhaps?

Health isn't a superficial thing that can be measured by one's body size- it's a measure of how well your body, mind and spirit are able to adapt to- and thrive in- the current and changing situations we face as humans.

But I guess that's hard to capture in the tabloids.
Love your whole selves, ladies and gentleman, not your size.


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