Don't Fall for the Flu Workshop
7:30 PM19:30

Don't Fall for the Flu Workshop

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According to the CDC, last year's flu shot was only 40% effective.
Luckily, there are tips to help increase your chances of standing strong this upcoming cold and flu season.

Leah Pozsgay of Leah Pozsgay Wellness, and Kristen Joy, Founder of Voluptuous Life, will show you how to balance your immune system naturally through easy and effective nutrition and lifestyle hacks- and by creating healthy boundaries. 
This workshop will also feature an empowering YOGA sequence and guided MEDITATION- and FREE GOODIES!

Tickets for last quarter's Summer SOULstice event sold out, so grab your tickets ASAP. Tickets are non-refundable but the amount can be applied to future events or services within 6 months of ticket purchase if you cannot make this event.
Returning guests will receive 10% off, so be sure to use the discount code included in your email.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an anti-vaccination workshop. This is a “help your body do what it was naturally designed to do” workshop.

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Summer SOULstice Circle
7:30 PM19:30

Summer SOULstice Circle

Summer is finally approaching! 
Here in NY, it seems to take forever to arrive and then it's over before we know it. Make this summer more memorable by connecting to your true personal power on a body, heart and soul level. 

Join us on the evening of the solstice where we'll teach you tools to have more harmonious relationships with yourself and others through:

*Yoga poses that open your solar plexus chakra, which is connected to a healthy self-esteem and social life (perfect for summertime socializing and our love/hate relationship with social media)

*A guided meditation that connects you to your inner Guru/Goddess (for living a life in alignment with your needs, goals, and values)

*An energy transmission from the most powerful Vedic enlightenment process; the Surya Nadi (which will help awaken your consciousness and release negativity and heartbreak- total summer buzzkills)

*Essential Oil blends specifically designed to bring your sun chakra into alignment (and keep you smelling fresh during those sticky summer days)

*Digestive tips to optimize your gut's ability to turn food into fuel most effectively (it's bathing suit season, after all...)

Leah and Kristen's combined expertise in wellness, meditation, yoga and female empowerment will have you glowing on the inside as much as you'll soon be glowing on the outside. 

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Get Stress Off Your Chest
6:30 PM18:30

Get Stress Off Your Chest

The world seems crazier than ever right now. Is your boss, the culture or another stressful situation taking too much fun out of your life sometimes?

The good news is, you are not alone and there's something you can do about it!

Gather with a group of like-minded girls to share the issues we are facing today and learn tools to stay empowered during times of stress and insecurity. You'll leave feeling supported, empowered and more confident that you'll be able to create joy every day, despite life's inevitable challenges.


6:30-6:45 PM- INTRO by Meditation Coach and Creator of, Kristen Joy

6:45-7:00 PM- Fun Brain Games

7:00-7:30 PM- Discussion: Current struggles of us modern girls

7:30-8:15 PM- Empowerment Tools & Guided Meditations

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A Perfect Day Retreat
8:30 AM08:30

A Perfect Day Retreat

Our recent Supergirls' Meditation event with Kristen Joy went perfectly so we have decided to arrange a full day retreat with Kristen.

Kristen Joy will open her wonderful house to us Supergirls! We will spend a full day with her learning tips on how to make each and every day as perfect as possible. 

The retreat agenda: 

1. Better Beverage Class with Organic, vegan, gluten-free home-made muffins

10 - 11:15AM

We will craft morning beverages and sample them.

2. DIY Non-toxic deodorant


Create your own non-toxic deodorant. 

3. 12:30-2PM

Transit to local park where we will eat a catered vegetarian lunch. 

4. Nature Adventure


During a breathtaking hike in the hills of Marin, we will do a sungazing exercise while discussing Vit D and the importance of grounding. We will end with a "closing down the day" meditation and chat about optimizing restorative sleep. 

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Unleashing Woman Power!
7:00 PM19:00

Unleashing Woman Power!

Supergirls SF is happy to announce our Monday Speaker Super Series!

So excited to have Kristen Joy:) She is an amazing soul who turned her life around and is helping others on that journey. She is a professional Wellness & Meditation coach
and founder of her own company Voluptuous Life.
Her passion is helping women unleash their creative energy and feminine power.

7PM-7.30PM Healthy treats/teas served while you get to know each other.
7.30PM-8PM Kristen's journey  and "Connecting to your Soul"
8PM-8.40PM Two Guided meditations

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