Ranting and Raving. But 1st, the rant.

I decided yesterday, for the first time in my life, to celebrate my birthday month. In case you don't know, late December babies often get screwed out of presents and parties because holidays and travel (and related expenses) often get in the way.

Since I was born on New Year's Eve, celebrating my birthday month would mean I get 31 freaking days of unabashed ME celebration! My plan was to do some sort of self-care and random act of kindess every day.  Why then would today, the first day of my supposed celebration, be feeling so crappy?

A flaky friend flaked again.

One of my agencies is choosing their bottom line over personal loyalty.

It seems some people in our country voted a racist, misogynist bigot into power because they prioritized their own financial state or "change" over what I believe is common human decency.  

My cat's Health seems to be on the decline.

My voice to text is capitalizing random words...

Everything in life is a reflection, so on my first day of celebration I am choosing to sit with these situations and emotions and explore what they're trying to show me. I'm also going to give my teeth a very thorough cleaning, because there's simply no excuse for poor dental hygiene .  Not the most exciting form of self care, but if I'm going to be ranting and raving this month, I better at least have fresh breath.



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