I don't have writer's block....


laptop cat

laptop cat

OK, so I can't really blame my blog tardiness on Gizmo being a lap(top) cat....but I'm totally going to blame it on something else.

Remember those nasty little things I talked about in my blog weeks ago? No, not the vomit inducing ones. (Delayed apologies if that post left a bad taste in your mouth..or if my bad jokes do....)

I'm talking about the things that started to pile up so high that I couldn't even access my laptop.... I'm talking about


But, you know what?  When I really think about it, excuses aren't even to blame.  They are simply a biproduct of the real problem.

The real problem was that I fell into a slump.

Without realizing it, over the past few months, I had started feeling unmotivated.  I was more tired than usual and experiencing aches and pains in my body. And I'm pretty sure my cat noticed I had developed more lap for him to take advantage of. But worst of all, I wasn't excited about things the way I used to be.

It wasn't until I spent a week away from home, attending the wellness event I look forward to every year, that I realized I had not been honoring my body, mind and spirit enough lately.  Although I was still making mindful choices, I was trying to make ones that I thought benefited my relationship, and as a result, my needs as an individual weren't being met.

That's one of the relationship struggles many couples face today; trying to find a balance between what you need, what your partner needs and what your relationship needs.  My boyfriend's life is job-centered, and because I was trying to create quality time with him with just the few hours we have together each week, I was basically eating too late, not sleeping soundly enough and ignoring my growing yoga practice. Among other things. Plus I was quickly developing some resentment along the way.

I went to the LONGEVITY NOW CONFERENCE and spent a week eating, sleeping, learning and exercising the way that felt right to me.  And guess what, I started to feel like my old (young) self again.

And I was completely inspired to come back and share all of the amazing and life changing tips I had learned with you


I fell into a slump again.

Here's the long and short of it.  We all need to feel inspired.  Inspiration comes in many forms and is different for everyone, but we can probably all relate to the feeling of being excited to jump out of bed in the morning- at least at some point in our lives. (HINT: It's the opposite of the feeling that makes you hit the SNOOZE button). That's what the Longevity Conference ignites in me.  I thrive off of being surrounded by people who are taking control of their own health and happiness, and are in awe of the magic and mystery in our world. If I don't have that energy surrounding me, my own inner light starts to dim.  That's what happened when I returned home.

So what's the solution?

If you crave that feeling of aliveness that seems to be missing from your day to day, go out and find it. I'm not suggesting you have to completely overhaul your life, but start surrounding yourself with people who light a fire under you.  Expose yourself to things that make your soul giddy. You know, the kinds of things that make you look like a crazy person walking down the street because you suddenly can't stop smiling.  Take a class.  See a performance. Take a moment to ask yourself what you need right now AND make a plan to go and do it.

There's a four letter word I find very offensive. And I hope you do too.

Not only is it offensive, it's uninspiring.

It's FINE.

Fine is like "3 stars on Yelp" to me. Average. No thanks. I'm seeking less "fine" and more "freaking amazing".  How about you?

Need some inspiration to find your own inspiration?  Here's this.  She inspired me to finally post this blog and that f word is hers. I think I f'in love her. And, I assure you, that's not your average kind of love.