Tip toe if you must, but take the first step.

life purpose

I've been wanting to blog for years. I've been talking about blogging for years. I didn't blog.

I wasn't prepared.  There were so many bloggers already.  I wanted it to be perfect.


No more succumbing to fear.  No more excuses. No more hoping for perfection.

Hear it is.  Imperfections and all. It's kind of bugging me to leave it like that. What if people think I don't know the difference between here and hear?? People?  What people?? Who said anyone will even read your blog??? YAY!!! YOU'RE reading my blog.

"We speak too much, we listen too little and we sabotage many of the dreams we have".

I heard that yesterday in the mindfulness course by Mark Waldman that I bought nearly a year ago but only decided to revisit last night. I've decided it's time to listen more- to here (achem) to HEAR what the world outside of my own (often self-sabotaging) head has been trying to say to me.

I trampoline most mornings. (Did she just say she trampolines??) Yup, I call it tramping. It's one of my longevity secrets for staying in shape and detoxing. Expect a future blog post. Also, plan to never live downstairs from me.

Today I asked the universe to pick the video I needed to see. (Did she just say she talks to the universe??  This...chick....is..... nuts.  We should subscribe to her blog just to see how crazy she is.)

What showed up was a TED talk I probably would never have picked myself, because quite frankly, I like to judge books by their covers. And what do you know? Somehow it actually aligned "perfectly" with the theme of living consciously that I hope this blog will inspire in all of us. High five, Universe.

In his talk, Ricardo Semler discusses what some may see as radical approaches to school systems and job structure. They sound pretty ideal to me personally, but then again, I don't have a 'real job' and my only child is a 19 year old cat- so perhaps that seems radical to some. He makes many great points, but one that stuck out to me in particular was this:

"We've all learned how to, on Sunday night, go to the email and work from home. But very few of us have learned how to go to the movies on a Monday afternoon.

If we're looking for wisdom, we need to learn to do that as well."

The saying goes "on your death bed, you'll never say you wish you worked more". Ricardo mentions that in this talk. My father mentioned it at the end of his battle with lung cancer when he shared that he'd wished he'd spent more time with us as kids.  There's nothing more heartbreaking than witnessing someone feeling the sting of regret, when it really is too late. Except perhaps feeling that sting yourself....

My intention for this blog is to encourage us all to live fully and without reason for regret.  So, although it's not necessarily pleasant to think about, what do you think your regret would be? I know this question is a little cliche', but have you actually taken the time to get clarity on it?  And more importantly, to perhaps take some steps to ensure you won't have that regret? I know I'd regret not giving this blog a go.  What about you? Take a moment to really think about it. (Did she just give us a homework assignment?!? Geez, this blog is hard.)


Regardless of the answers you may or may not come up with, the point is to turn inward for deeper understanding. To start taking little pauses in life to become aware of your truths and to connect to what's really important.

And if you feel pulled to make some positive changes, to tip toe a little....go for it.

Please share in the comment section what chances you've taken, or the ones you may now be inspired to take. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Oh and before I forget.....

does anyone want to go to the movies with me Monday afternoon?  ♥♥♥