#FullofMyself 2019

A fun, effective and affordable personal accountability program that helps you connect to your true health & happiness.

All you need are a minimum of 10 minutes a day & WhatsApp.

Every month focuses on a new theme.
Recently our focus was on reBalancing.
Our participants:
* improved one specific area of their lives that had been neglected (relationships, hobbies, self-care, etc.)
*learned techniques to pick themselves back up when life inevitably knocks them down.
They gained new insights and useful tools to step more fully into their power in 2019 and beyond.


July’s program is underway but stay tuned for the announcement of August’s theme coming soon!

FAQ’s: For about 3 weeks of the month, you will receive private messages and recordings from me in real-time via What’sApp. You will also receive daily practices, custom meditations and homework to guide you towards the balance you probably haven’t experienced in years, and believe me, it will help EVERYTHING start to shift in the right direction.
All in about 10 minutes a day!

You’ll have one-on-one, real-time messaging with me :)

THE 1st WEEK IS FREE! No strings attached. The content is yours to keep forever.

You have nothing to lose so sign up for the free 7 day trial right now.

Send a text message to 3472007293 via Whatsapp that says the following:

I want to be #FullOfMyself!
Include your name, email and location.

Be sure to share this offer with a girlfriend so you’ll have a partner in crime.

If you choose to continue, you will receive daily support for the next 3 weeks (enough time to form some solid rituals) plus one 60 minute coaching call with me- in person or via phone, skype or zoom.

The cost of a single coaching session with me alone is $125. You’ll have daily access to me for nearly a month plus our hour-long coaching call focusing on whatever you want/need.

It’s hard to put a value on something that has the power to cause any number of positive shifts in ALL areas of your life-but working with me for 25 days would cost over $3000.

The cost of this program- if you choose to continue after the 1st FREE 7 days is only $100.

Again, the 1st week of content is free and yours to keep forever so try it out today.

*The 1st free week is for new program participants only as exclusive offers are provided to continuing participants :)