Kristen Joy

Wellness & Meditation Guide and Speaker.

Like many others on the spiritual path, I have spent much of this lifetime seeking my true purpose. Although I had "successful" careers, lived in different cities and created decades' worth of beautiful memories with family and friends, I was not shining as brightly as I wanted to. I was also discovering that as I aged, I was starting to make decisions based on fear, rather than on what my heart and soul deeply desired.

Some of those decisions led me to a time that I now "lovingly" refer to as the "Lifetime Movie Marathon".  During this period of trauma, heartache and physical ailments I was led to my guru and my own personal healing began.

Through meditation processes and blessings that came from meeting and studying in India under my guru, Swami Kaleshwar, (student and devotee of the great saint, Shirdi Sai Baba), I started on the path of uncovering the layers and washing the blocks that were keeping me from knowing my true self.

I began the journey of disconnecting from my "monkey mind" and reconnecting to present moment. I began to understand my true power as a woman. Swami opened my healing chakra and blessed his students with the gift of sharing that energy and the ancient knowledge in order to help the globe.

I also discovered how to heal physical imbalances that traditional doctors had no solutions for.  Instead of the lifetime of chronic pain, allergic reactions and pharmaceuticals doctors said was ahead of me, today my being is in more alignment.  I learned that optimal health is an ongoing journey dependant on mindful choices of what you allow into your mind and into your body every single day.  Because of these choices I rarely get sick and never get the flu.  And I have helped oodles of people accomplish the same. Imagine taking a day off because you want to, not because you're stuck in bed sick. Imagine your body serving you to live out your goals, dreams, visions and soul’s potential.  

Using my Pre-Med degree in Bio-Psychology, continued education in epigenetics and formal training in the Five Element Meditation processes, I help women empower their minds, bodies and souls. Today top leaders in meditation, longevity, holistic health and personal development are my current gurus to help women, like you, get the most health, happiness and fulfillment out of this crazy and beautiful journey called life.

I hope to be of service to you.  Connect with me to find out if we're a good fit.