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The challenges of modern living have left many of us overwhelmed, over-stressed and overweight. We're too busy, too tired, too sick and somehow, even though our worlds are interconnected, we're even too lonely.  Let me teach you simple and effective daily practices to help you feel happy, refreshed and excited about life again.

SLEEP, nutrition, MEDITATION and movement

These 4 pillars are vital to helping you achieve your wellness goals quickly and efficiently. We are a body, mind and soul intricately woven together into one human experience. Overall wellness requires a holistic approach that addresses all of these components.  


Your sessions are 100% customized to your specific goals, needs and desires.  Together we'll craft a plan to add ease and flow into all areas of your life, in a way that fits your schedule, budget AND personality.  This approach is proven to increase the speed and effectiveness of your desired transitions.


Single sessions help provide immediate clarity and get you moving in the right direction. Packages support your on-going progress through regular check-ins, assignments and accountability.  


Corporate Meditation Sessions

For team-building & increased focus, creativity & workplace satisfaction


Perfect Over Your Lunch Break

Sessions are designed to fit perfectly into a one hour time slot and get everyone to their afternoon meetings on time. 


One Session or Standing Sessions

Single sessions introduce the benefits and the practice of meditation while ongoing sessions promote and support a growing meditation practice to meet life's ever-changing challenges, at the workplace and at home.


Great for all levels

The customized guided meditation format and mindfulness tools allow both veteran meditators and newbies to benefit from the session(s) at work and out in the world. 


Leave With Concrete Next Steps

Each attendee will leave with a solid foundation and the next steps to show up in their daily work/personal lives with more power, truth, focus and joy.  

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Nutrition Consultations

A healthy diet helps protect against diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.
— World Health Organization

Take Control of your Diet

The diet you choose must be appropriate for your body and your current circumstances. This guide contains 15 tips I use to make sure my meals are both nutritious and delicious.  

Small Changes, Large Impact

By following these simple healthy eating tips, you can bring mindfulness to your diet, taking you one step closer to abundant health and happiness. Remember, small changes add up






We recently had Kristen host a meditation event at our store Lorna Jane in Stonestown. This was a corporate event that we provided to our customers free of charge. The event took place in our store and Kristen turned our area into a peaceful sanctuary. We performed meditation for about 30 minutes and afterwards we all felt relaxed and ready to participate in our run club. Kristen is very professional and left us all with a great start to our day. 

— Stephanie P, Store Manager, Daly City, CA

“I wasn't quite sure about bringing a meditation coach into our office but Kristen was organized, professional and made it really easy to set up the session. The team enjoyed it and asked for her to come back!

— Kimberlee, Office Admin, San Francisco, CA

“Everyone who attended really enjoyed themselves and found the experience really helpful."

— Phillip F, Marketer at a Digital Agency, SF


Personal MEDITATION and COaching


Hired Kristen to work with my two daughters facing the all too common stresses of high school life and to help them develop a set of skills to carry with them through life. She came to the house and helped them create a calm environment and to cultivate their own personal mindfulness skills that they can employ even for seconds to minutes at a time when the stresses accumulate. 
Although I can't report that the process eliminated ALL the stress from high school life, it has helped them to make concrete adjustments. We are grateful to have had the opportunity and I know the benefits of the experience will grow with them!
Highly recommended, especially for this age group."

— Charles R, Mill Valley, CA

"It's been such a wonderful few months for me. I'm definitely feeling the positivity in all aspects of my life. I'm excited to see where this journey takes us next! It's been so beneficial for me to have someone only for me, on my side, that I can share with, be vulnerable with, learn, grown... and much more! So I thank you for that wholeheartedly!!" 

— Danielle, Marin County, CA

"Kristen is an amazing and powerful life and wellness coach, intuitive and healer. Beyond each session, she continues to support me through email, texts and is in frequent communication. She's helping me to realize how powerful I am and gives me valuable feedback and homework (mantras, meditation, writing, knowledge, etc) to continue to reach my goals. She's more than just a coach - she's a blessing! After decades of working with "professionals" that were quick to judge and diagnose, I feel as though I can finally start reaching my personal and professional potential from the work I am doing with Kristen. I'm so grateful to have her actively be there to support me on my journey. Hire her - you won't be disappointed - in fact, you'll wonder what you ever did without her:) Thank you Kristen - you are bringing so much joy to my life and to this world and I'm so grateful to be working together."

— Julia, San Francisco, CA

“I have had a number of sessions over the past four years with Kristen. Each one has left me with an overwhelming feeling of peace and a release of whatever I am holding on to. She has the ability to naturally put someone in a state of relaxation, by listening intently to what is on your mind without judgement, then offering insight. I always look forward to my time after a session as I find myself more aware and able to make decisions with a renewed sense of clarity. I highly recommend her coaching services.”

— Courtney C, Queens, NY





“Working with Kristen has helped me manage my stress better, eat healthier and feel supported during extremely challenging times.  I admit to being a bit of a pessimist when it comes to energy work, but I have felt significant changes take place during our meditation sessions that stay with me when I walk out the door.  Kristen has made an enormous difference in my life and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking for a way to improve their physical and spiritual health."

— Laura L, San Anselmo, CA

“As I get closer to the 40-year old mark, I’ve watched many of my friends get rounder and slower. But thanks to Kristen and her wellness coaching, I’ve managed to get healthier and happier in my early middle age. I have improved my muscle tone and keep my weight consistent. I have great energy, sleep soundly and handle stress well despite working for a demanding start-up in SF."

— Paul W, Brooklyn, NY 

"Thanks for all the great information and tips you have passed along to me.  After implementing a few simple and easy changes, I've already started to see some positive results."

— Greg L, Denver, CO




About Voluptuous Life



A Voluptuous Life overflows with the blessings connected to all 6 of our senses.


Yup, your 6th sense- your connection to truth/source/soul (whatever you want to call that spark in all of us) is also explored and celebrated. 
It's a mindful approach to living, where you connect to your own personal truth and make decisions coming from that place of clarity.  
It's about having the wellness of mind, body and spirit to live and love fully.
V Lifers practice Conscious Consuming where you make mindful choices about not only the foods you consume, but also the thoughts and ideas you consume.  
We're about treading lightly on the planet and respecting all beings, so we are all free to share and appreciate its gifts. 

About VLife Meditation 

Bringing Meditation to the workplace

VLife Meditation was founded by Kristen Joy in 2012 after many of her meditation clients asked her to bring her approachable and effective meditation coaching practice to their workplace. Since then Kristen has conducted meditation workshops and meditation sessions throughout the Bay Area and appeared onstage at numerous corporate events.
 If you are looking for a way to explore the benefits of adding meditation to you and your coworker's life, contact us to schedule your first session. 

About Kristen Joy

meditation and WELLNESS COACh

Using my Pre-Med degree in Bio-Psychology, the latest advances in epigenetics and formal training in the Five Element Meditation processes, I help others soothe their minds, bodies and souls. I have been blessed to help friends, family and clients all over the world.



Like many others on the spiritual path, I had spent much of this lifetime seeking my true purpose. Although I had "successful" careers, lived in different cities and created decades' worth of beautiful memories with family and friends, I was not shining as brightly as I wanted to. I was also discovering that as I aged, I was starting to make decisions based on fear, rather than on what my heart and soul deeply desired.

Some of those decisions led me to a time in my life that I lovingly refer to as the "Lifetime Movie Marathon." During this period of heartache and hardship I was led to my guru and my own personal healing began.

Swami Kaleshwar

Swami Kaleshwar

Through meditation processes and blessings that came from meeting and studying in India under my guru, Swami Kaleshwar, (student and devotee of the great saint, Shirdi Sai Baba), I started on my path of uncovering the layers and washing the blocks that were keeping me from knowing my true self.

I began the journey of disconnecting from my "monkey mind" and reconnecting to present moment. Swami opened my healing chakra and blessed his students with the gift of sharing that energy and the ancient knowledge in order to help the globe.

Today, I have taken on top leaders in meditation, longevity, holistic health and personal development as my current gurus to help people, like you, get the most health, happiness and fulfillment out of your journey.  



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